Sunday, 22 February 2009

Sunday Night is.. Jane Russell, Hoagy Carmichael and Victor Mature

Victor Mature is lurking in the background, waiting to kiss Jane. Film: The Las Vegas Story (1952). I have a real fondness for Carmichael as a singer, preferably without much accompaniment, preferably swanning around the button as far as the precise note is concerned. It's Bing but much less slick. just a touch decadent. He described his unique, laconic voice as being "the way a shaggy dog looks…I have Wabash fog and sycamore twigs in my throat". (Wiki)

More on Carmichael:

The death of his three-year-old sister in 1918 affected him deeply, and he wrote "My sister Joanne—the victim of poverty. We couldn’t afford a good doctor or good attention, and that’s when I vowed I would never be broke again in my lifetime." She may have died from influenza, which had swept the world that year. Carmichael earned his first money ($5.00) as a musician playing at a fraternity dance that year and so began his musical career....

Republican who didn't care for FDR. Somehow you guess that from both face and voice.


Anonymous said...

Hoagy Carmichael is terrific, but don't you also love Jane Russell? No need of feminism for this sassy dame: confident, tolerant, amused, teasing the boys with her magnificent bosom. Victor Mature looks quite undone. She was a keen church goer and once told Robert Mitchum, when filming His Kind of Woman: 'Even Christians have big breasts.'

George S said...

'Even Christians have big breasts.' Possibly as answers to prayer?

Victor Mature is quite a figure. If he wasn't so tall he'd be wider than he's high. What with his latitude and Jane's forward projection there would be little room in the average Otis lift.