Sunday, 20 September 2009


Police seize Maradona's earrings to pay taxes
Football legend Diego Maradona received a frosty reception during a stay in Italy after police confiscated the £3,600 earrings he was wearing as part of dogged efforts to recover £28 million in unpaid taxes...

This be the verse....

Maradona, Prince of Thieves

Hey Diego, hand of God!
How does it feel,
street boy, little fly?
You swoop and dart, defenders plod,
and then you've gone bye bye,
are you for real?

You're one up for the broken ones
the undersized,
the favela, the hovel.
You take our cannons, spike our guns,
you make Goliath grovel,
and no one's surprised,

just breathless somehow, lost,
not quite believing,
not quite at peace, not sure.
Oh prince of thieves, say at what cost
the crooked poor
bring light with thieving?

One of the five World Cup poems...


Anne said...

Nice poem.

My OH has a Maradona story, sort of. Mervyn King, Gov of the Bank of England, talks of "doing a Maradona" with reference to the second goal scored against England in 1976 (?). That will mean more to you than it does to me. The point is that the defenders all expected Maradona to tack this way or that, and responded accordingly, whereas (and therefore) he was able to storm through in a straight line and score a goal (without aid of hand of God). By analogy, the Gov of the B of E is expected to take this line or that in (eg) lowering or raising interest rates, increasing or decreasing quantitative easing, and so on, and the market reacts accordingly, meaning that he just has to hint that he might - eg by glancing right or left - to achieve his desired effect.

Shame about the earrings.

George S said...

I really like your website, Anne. I'll put it in my links if that's OK. And I have picked up the Bank of England analogy in the next post.