Saturday, 5 December 2009

Hungarian Fascists in London

Hungarian neo-fascist party, Jobbik, has set up an office in London tying in with the BNP. Must be anticipating rich pickings and trawling for resident Hungarian support.

[Jobbik] already has links with Mr Griffin, who has previously met its representatives. Jobbik has also joined Mr Griffin’s European alliance, which is seeking the support of seven EU parties to create a pan-European group and claim about £360,000 a year in taxpayer funding.

This from The Times up from HP.

Troops of the Magyar Gárda (Hungarian Guard)/

The leader of Jobbik, Gábor Vona, is also the leader of the banned but still operating Magyar Gárda (Hungarian Guard) militia, Jobbik’s uniformed wing.


Gwil W said...

The symbols of fascism never cease to amaze me - we had for instance the Nazi party's swaztika - derived from the ancient Himalayan symbol for the sun, and now here in your picture we have the Cross of Lorraine mixed-up in the flag design - it's an old Habsburg symbol - from the house of Lothringen. You normally see it on the top of a church.
They don't go in much for curves. They prefer uniform straight lines.The letter Z in preference to S.

Gwil W said...

The use of the two circles mystifies me. This, I think, is new. Perhaps the flag designer sees it as a way to soften the image. To make it more acceptable. To give universal appeal?

George S said...

Diagonal lines = dynamism (early art learning)//

The royalist Cross of Lorraine v The 1848 republican tricolour...

The red arc of the circle is like the crescent moon of Islam. But I doubt that has occurred to them.

Gwil W said...

Today, by chance, I bought a 1948 pub. book documenting the consequences of Fascism in Hungary: 'Black Book on the Martyrdom of Hungarian Jewry' by Eugene Levai.
"Of all countries to come under the heel of Nazidom during the past decade, Hungary was the only one to preserve almost a complete documentary record of the attempts at extermination directed against its Jewish nationals [...] the determined onslaught of the Red Army and the sagacious foresight of right-minded Hungarians thwarted all German attempts to destroy this wealth of secret documents, the eloquent evidence ..." begins the flyleaf.

So you'd think those men with the flag, of all people, might know better, perhaps be wiser, wouldn't you?

George S said...

Ah, I know of the book by Lévai Jenö.

And yes, you'd like to think they might be wiser. That would be a very nice thought.

Gwil W said...


I was a bit tired last night - the jacket-sleeve I mean :) but you knew that anyway.

George, I've just started reading the Rumanian chapter - what can I say? That, as a species, we walk go life precariously - only two or three steps before madness? Bronowski looked in the ashes and called it "the ascent of man".

Gwil W said...

"walk, go through"? No.

we exist in life precariously...

have a good day,