Thursday, 13 August 2009

Limp response: a brief dispatch from the front

The Guardian (naturally) has an article about a new erotic magazine for women and is worried in case it is prosecuted if it shows the erect male phallus.

Naturally the Guardian women cry SEXISM!!!!. Why can men look at a woman's body, when women can't look at men's. Woman = sex object!!!

Actually, and I frankly don't mind pointing this out, women can look at men's bodies just as naked as they are. It is perfectly legal.

The question is of sexual arousal. Erection.

I propose that the picture of an aroused male sexual organ can only be properly compared to an aroused - please emphasise the arousal - female sexual organ. The rest is faux-sexism, in other words bollocks.

Forgive the short paragraphs but I thought you might like this tabloid.

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Poet in Residence said...

I believe the Guardian once courageously published a photo of the rocks of Jebel Awaynat ...
By the way George, you haven't footy yet. It's later than you think.