Thursday, 3 March 2011

Late Comments: a note

Blogger alerts me to comments on these posts, but sometimes the comments are on posts a little while back. There was a nice long exchange on the subject of Spike Milligan back on 20 December 2009. Today I received a new comment on it, to which I have replied. I have no idea whether either the new comment or my reply appears in anyone's email, so I am taking a moment to draw attention to it and other such late comments. It is rare to receive comment on something this far back but this one is interesting. It's on Milligan and anti-Semitism. The comment is Anonymous, a perfectly good, fair , thoughtful Anonymous comment.

I am curious to know whether readers of a blog are aware when a comment comes in on a post that is now part of the historical archive.


Anonymous said...

Well if you follow the link you set up in the 'late comments: a note' then you can see it. How else could it come to light unless you directly pointed it out, unless someone was trawling through the history.
By the way do you think Gaddafi has had some work done around the eyes? Insanity/vanity.
When he is all dressed up in his dark military garb with the mirrored sunglasses does anyone else think he looks like Michael Jackson?

P Lane Anon said...

(A reader responds) No, generally, "late" comments of that sort will go unnoticed. Some blogging CMSes have an option where, if you comment on a post, you can request email notification of further comments, but Blogger doesn't insofar as I know.

P Lane Anon said...

I thought I'd commented on this!

Oh, well..

No, readers aren't alerted to late comments, but glad to be alerted to this one.

George S said...

You had P Lane... I had email notification of it, but it's not on the blog site. I'll check it hasn't gone into spam...