Monday, 18 April 2011

From a Budapest Internet Cafe 1

It costs a fortune to be linked up from my laptop so this from a clanky Internet cafe in Király utca, the poorer end. Sunny but the shops indicate hard times - several second hand clothes shops (English standard, they mostly declare by way of enticement, so we still count for something in the worlds of used shirts). 30p for half an hour at the Internet is a luxury. The street also boasts a sex shop and a strip club. Life steams ahead in the ex-comecon islands, as György Petri once had it. Otherwise it is inner city Budapest as I know and love it. In fact we are just a few streets down from where we lived up to 1956.

Our flat is lovely and vast and old and one hundred years old. It belongs to dear friends L and G, with whom we dine tonight.

Tomorrow to Liszt.


Gwil W said...

Enjoy the wine George, but don't get too Liszt!


(still battling with the nukes!)

Billy C said...

Gwilym... you pinched my thought, but I was going to say the obvious: but don't get p****d in Liszt!

Enjoy, George.

Ps. The word verification was 'pulace'. I nearly didn't post this. :)