Sunday, 17 April 2011

Sunday night has to be... Stoke City

And therefore Delilah, which can't, alas, be embedded.

For Billy and Stephen. But to win 5-0 in a Cup semi final is more than extraordinary, it is practically supernatural.

My football memory is quite long, and the teams of Tony Waddington's Stoke in the 70s have left a certain imprint on my memory, though I am bound to mix up the eras a little. Let me see now: Dennis Viollet, Alan Hudson, Jimmy Greenhoff, Jimmy McIlroy, George Eastham, Terry Conroy, Mike Pejic, Alan Durban, and ah, yes, Gordon Banks. That is in no particular order. Waddington was the Autolycus of the decade snapping up considerable number of unconsidered trifles.

Do I support Stoke? No, of course not. But on Cup Final day I will. Blue Moon to stay blue.


Martin Figura said...

Not to forget the great Alex Elder who all but embedded my duffle coat toggle into my chest with a blazing shot that went just wide. I was lucky enough to play football in Tony Waddington's garden a few times, being his twin sons goalkeeper of choice back in my heyday. Great to see them in the final, we had a couple fo near misses back then.

Billy C said...

'Twas extraordinary, George. Surreal. Well, the most surreal experience in my long Stoke-supporting life, as it was, I expect, to those who watched it on TV.

I need to check if this is the Chinese Year of the Underdog. I sincerely hope so. Woof, woof!

Anonymous said...

If you leave it a 140 years to do eet it's best to make it one to remember.