Thursday, 22 December 2011

Late, tomorrow one last Shakespeare song

Late back, a bit more Shakespeare tomorrow, in the meantime some of Michael Wolf's haunting photographs of people on crowded Hong Kong trains, here:

Faces pressed agains windows. Explore more.


Gwil W said...

Cool photo.

George, I just read in my morning paper that Hungarian Govt. has shut last critical radio station: KLUBRADIO. The frequency to be allocated to a new station called AUTO-RADIO in the new year.

Also in Hungary according to my paper the news that 196 people either homeless or living in flats with no heating have died so far this winter (.e. since October).

Other news from the global village:

France: DSK wife voted Woman of the Year.
Austria: Ivo Castic to be new Austria-Vienna coach.
USA: Philip Morris manipulated lung cancer research.
Holland/USA: New bird flu virus in secret labs.
Austria: 37% under-30's support far right. IMAS-poll.
Turkey: 25 journalists arrested for 'supporting' Kurdish minority.


Gwil W said...

Hungary: New statue unveiled in Budapest. It's only Steve Jobs ;) ,things are definitely looking up George!

Funeral of Havel today. Wonder who will go from GB and who will go from Hungary. Probably watch some of it on Euronews.

George S said...

That Austria figure for the under-30s looks ominous, Gwilym. What's their beef? And why can't the left address it?

George S said...

Klubradio - dreadful. I have posting about that on Facebook and Twitter. Time I wrote an article here. That can be the task later today.

George S said...

Gwilym - Is there a direct link to the Austria IMAS poll? If there is could you send it? The old empire is worrying me.

Gwil W said...

Q 1.
I think it's basically a personality cult that's developing. Strache is young, dynamic, nationalist, and anti-immigration, he's basically a soap box orator at heart you might say, and he can draw large crowds. He has a slick advertising team. He relates to the youth in the street. It's his target audience. He makes the socialists-conservative coalition leaders look like watered down versions of John Major. And to some extent it's also a result of bland and predictable coalition politics.
Trying to find the poll. I read it somewhere in the print media in the last few days.

Gwil W said... is their website but I can't imagine any queries being seriously dealt with pre-Christmas holiday. Problem is I've taken all the old newspapers to the recycling bin.

Anonymous said...

Is it this?

George S said...

Many thanks for that Looby. I don't think it contains the figures that Gwilym was referring to (that's going by my Babelfish translation), but it's close.

Gwil W said...

George, the following is even more alarming than the figure I gave you! Hope the link works.
The chart on page 2a of this report show the following:
Under 30's:
Green 12%
SDP 20%
ÖVP 12%
FPÖ 42%
BZÖ 10%

Gwil W said...

5 o'clock news ORF 1 Austria. Police have broken up demonstration outside Hungarian Parliament. A number of arrests including ex-minister Terrence or Ference ???

Gwil W said...

I watched the whole of the funeral service for Vaclava Havala on a Czech 24hr news channel. It was very moving, especially the Dvorak Requiem. Cameron was there, Fischer from Austria, and also sat next to him Sarkozy. Merkel diplomatically absent. Modern Czech soldiers march with the old communist swagger which surprised me. He was cremated.

George S said...

The demo was against the govt shutting down Klubradio. I know people who went on it. This from daughter / son-in-laws.

Gwil W said...


I hope the people you know who who were on it are all OK. I will check the 10pm TV news.

As an aside the situation in Hungary really got me thinking about my own background. I quickly wrote a poem. The property of stones. Well, that's the Cymro un me for you ;) but then I must confess I do come from a long line of men of rain and mist and fog and sheep and stones and mountains and a Merlin and a Faith Morgan (or a fata morgana as the Italians would have it) who needed something solid to cling to. As we all do.

Take a look if you have a minute. See what you think.

Although I know you must be very busy.

George S said...

New blog with link to you now up.