Monday, 23 April 2012

Some hectic days ahead - a prospect on International Book Giving Day

Probably light posting the next few days as I was at the university today then straight to a reading at the Millennium Library. Tomorrow university then London, Wednesday the whole day at the Poetry Society, Thursday judging debates in Cambridge and Sunday to Tuesday in Oxford.

The Library reading was rather lovely and well attended with readings by Heidi Williamson and then, from the floor, excellent people like Tim Cockburn, Julia Webb and, well, it's late and my mind is between today and tomorrow. I read nothing from the forthcoming Bad Machine but I did read some of the brief texts, many in haiku form, that I write for the Twitter format. They seemed to go well.

Norwich has a very high population of talented poets. Whenever there is something on you're likely to hear good things.

All the prose, except one piece, is in now for Poetry Review and I think it's going to be very good.

More in bits & pieces in the following days. The Leeds saga to continue.

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sirarthur said...

Dear Mr Szirtes,
I was at the library last night.
I am not really into poetry, as since when I was a child I always struggle to remember poems at school.
I was there to give a book away and I ended up to listen to so many poems.
Think about different kind of people, professionally or not, are into poetry, writing while they are sipping a coffe somewhere or at their desk at home is wonderful.
I really enjoyed the meeting and certainly come back for next events. I have particularly appreciated the one about the italian artists and the one with your father's stories at dinnertime. Thanks