Monday, 10 May 2010

Two Acrostics for Marlie Florence

May is the Month

M ay is the month - the seventh - you arrive.
A fter the winter, spring is half way-through,
R unning wild past trees, green against blue.
L eaves jostle: everything looks to thrive.
I n rooms light enters, world becomes more present,
E xpanding like a magnifying glass,
F ierce and insistent on its gloss of grass
L ush in flowers, day-glo and fluorescent.
O pening, closing: see the baby’s eyes
R eturning light to its source, absorbing it,
E lectric! Life is a shock, disturbing. It
N ever does quite what you expect. Wind dries
C lothes on the line in blind electric currents,
E cstatically to welcome Marlie Florence!


M arlie Florence, Marlie Florence
A nswer me this riddle, do,
R eply by post or send your parents,
L et them do the work for you.
I s your name derived from Marlene
E being silent as in GLUE
L ike those u’s and e’s in QUEUE?
O r is Marlie, rhymed with barley,
R arefied, like something new?
E ver heard of Uncle Arley?
N ever mind, he’s one-off too!
C lever, lovely, Marlie Horne,
E njoy yourself now you’re new born!

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