Sunday, 23 May 2010

The translator's glory

Hans Fallada's anti-Nazi classic becomes surprise UK bestseller

First English translation of novel about Gestapo hunt for German couple who defied Hitler enjoys record sales

...cries Dalya Alberge's article in, yes, The Guardian. At last it has been translated! And it's a great success! And it's a classic!

And the translator? Not even mentioned, of course. Not even when it's the brilliant, multi-prize winning Michael Hofmann, one of our best poets, who writes like an angel on behalf of everyone he translates.

Who he? Just some workhorse, nothing to do with what you are reading. Fallada always did mean to write in English, can't you see that? It is Fallada you are reading, straight from the well.

Comments below do mention Hofmann. A hesitant cough in a big room...

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