Saturday, 22 May 2010

From Hack to Snack to Bruce Black and Back

Wymondham Arts Centre (Becket's Chapel) in the background, behind The Green Dragon

From Henry's to R & H's then home briefly for an omelette before out again to the opening of Four South Norfolk Artists at the new Arts Centre, also known as Becket's Chapel (picture above), for bar duty. The four artists are Clarissa Upchurch, (wife of author)...

...John Behm, exhibiting not sculptures but paintings and a set of boxed breasts that stare unsettlingly at visitors; Jon Bickley, hares and rams that scare visiting dogs...

...and Bruce Black colourist in the Scottish tradition, complete with feisty, busy, helpful family. It looks good in there.

Well over a hundred people swirling about while Kerry and I are on the bar doling three shades of wine and various soft drinks. It's the busiest private view at the arts centre yet. I am a little dead on my feet by the end. Then another couple of hours at the pub next door. Deader still.

The show is on for two weeks.

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Diane said...

Marvelous show on Friday night. And many old friends. Prize for the evening: Clarissa's Budapest study in urban movement and speed -- still counting pennies until I can buy one. (It will happen eventually.)