Thursday, 8 July 2010


Received by email notification of a new online journal, Rattle, which is part-edited by an ex-MA student, Jon K. Shaw. I'll put in the link on the right, under Literary Magazines, though its interest is not primarily in literary matters, as such. It looks very interesting and, properly, demanding. Jon was a poet and an artist with a strong interest in theory. Very fleet-footed and light on his impressively shod intellectual feet.

Great to see ex-students being active in their fields. There are a lot of them out there. One is probably standing no more than a stone's throw from you. Stay that stone!


Will said...


I was wondering what your expert eye would make of my first effort ever at literary poetics and that -- i am giving forth here on the subject of lunatics with firepower and camping equipment.

be gentle please.


Will said...

Bugger. the hyperlink is fuck.Ed.

look at comments here

and weep for your metier.

George S said...

I answer in a sequence of Haiku (5-7-5 syllables per haiku), Will:

There's virtue in lists:
a sequence of images
joined by the odd verb.

Spiders in pockets
faather on news on telly,
bouncers and doormen...

Mind, there's the order
to think of, and pitch and stuff,
never mind shotguns.

Is this the face of
contemporary Britain?
Guess it might well be.

Welcome poet Will!
The certificate's in the post!
Not the cheque, alas.

Glad you're still out there,
cursing at the cursable.
Missed your good harsh verbs.

George S said...

Extra syllable!
Certificate's in the post (!)
There, that feels better.

Will said...

Excellent -- i may make a carreer out of this shit yet -- just you watch.

i already posted this at Petere's as WeLl but you can have it also:

That Mooate malarkey is well mental.

Think of the bairns.

he has been nickking carrots from allotments.

the allotment holders will not be happy. there will be hell to pay.

I hear (according to BBC News 24) that moaTe has been breeding homing Seagulls

trained to hunt doon chips for him to gan with his carrotts.

Chips and carrots. A healthy well balanced meal.

Will said...

The following is probably half-inched from another webshite but i don't really care about bullshit like that:


RESIDENTS in Rothbury have asked armed police if one of them has a minute to take down Sky's Kay Burley.

'What's going through Raoul Moat's head right now? We'll be asking someone who could not possibly have the faintest idea'
The sleepy Northumberland village has been under siege since the anchorwoman arrived yesterday morning, armed with a world-weary camera crew and a head full of her usual stupid bullshit.

Martin Bishop, a retired engineer, said: "She stopped me in the street and asked me how terrified I was on a scale from one to 14 and a half.

"When I said I wasn't particularly bothered because the place was swarming with police and the suspect seems to be a particularly special kind of moron whose name appears to have been randomly thrown together, she immediately accused me of hiding him in my shed.

"And of course by this time I am just looking at her blankly and wishing to God that a little red dot would appear in the middle of her forehead."

Local parish councillor, Nathan Muir, added: "She kept asking me how many times I had been to the toilet and I kept trying to catch the eye of a policeman with a large handgun and then motioning towards her with my head."

And Emma Bradford, a housewife and mother of three, said: "Kay Burley asked me how responsible I felt - on a scale from six to 32 - for allowing this man to park his car in my community.

"When I repeatedly refused to apologise she then threatened to report me to social services and said I was obviously on heroin.

"And yet for some reason all these police insist on chasing a heavily armed killer."

Meanwhile, earlier today, as the police continue to scour the surrounding countryside, one of the villagers sneaked up to Burley and attached a hand written note to her back which read 'I am Raoul Moat in a bad wig'.

Will said...

According to Robert Sole in Le Monde (8 July 2010), “The Iranian ministry of culture is preparing the Festival of modesty and of the veil, this will take place at the end of July. The good news is that women are no longer alone to be targeted : men also are going to have worries. The hunt against those who are badly veiled is going to be doubled with those who have untidy hair.

“The decadent hair styles of the West” are banned. That is to say crew cuts, Iroquois, Joan of Arc, Titus. You can no longer do as you wish. (…) No Elvis type quiff or ponytail. (…)However the Iranian government does not content itself by banning.It wants to promote haircuts which take into account the colour of Iranians, their culture, and also Islamic law: very short hair with a bit of gel if necessary.”

In other words it must be hell to live in HAIRCUTLAND!

George S said...

A case for Conrad:
Britain The Heart of Darkness!
Mistah Moat - he dead!

It's bad haircut day
in the land of the Mullahs -
and those reactors!

It's bad haircut day
in Iran. I guess they'll draw
a veil over that.

I seem to be stuck
in Haiku. Like water boarding,
but in syllables!