Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Satantango - Heavenly Vision or Hallucination

Removed pending publication.


Anonymous said...

Does this mean we can expect to see your translation to be released in the US soon?

George S said...

It does. Currently on p.295 of 329. I promised end of summer and it should be possible.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic! I'm quite eager to read it.

Rainer said...

Any further news on this? Is it finished? Would be interesting if so as the new Tarr/Hranitzky/Kraszanhahorkai film, THE TURIN HORSE is premiering in Berlin next month.

If we can feature an excerpt of your translation in Hyperion, Mr. Szirtes, that would be grand.

A pdf of our recent issue:



Mirabelle pics said...

Thank you for your amazing Translation of the first two K. works in English - I'm eager to read Satantango and any other of his works you help make available. Post a status update when possible.