Saturday, 10 July 2010

Uruguay v. Germany

Wasn't this the most wonderful game! The 'sophisticated' view is that no one cares who comes third and fourth. Second is nowhere so why bother.

Both these teams bothered, the Germans because they are young, the Uruguayans because they are a country the size of Wales and were not expected to come anywhere close. And what gorgeous, skillful attacking play from both teams, from start to finish. Both teams bothered and both were excellent.

I am sorry Uruguay lost in the end. The best player throughout the tournament has been Diego Forlan who never made it at Manchester United when he was younger though the fans loved him. His goal today, and that very last free kick were things of beauty, but his performances generally, running the high midfield rather than as centre-forward were constantly masterful.

We watched it on German television because Czech television isn't free. The BBC online commentary was properly enthusiastic. I glance at The Guardian minute-by-minute. Now those are sophisticated people, you understand. Always superior to the game. 'Very decent' is the best Scott Murray can manage at half time. It's only a bunch of working-class oiks out there, you see. Not really ejjucated. Inarticulate yobs, really. Amazing they can run and think at the same time.

The Guardian sports pages - the smart ejjucated man's view. Sport as litterachewer. Nothing good enough for those kids.


Gwil W said...

Germany won because their pet octopus in a tank in I think Gottingberg (or some place with a similar name) said they would, and thereby gave them the confidence to achieve the win. He, he is a he for his name is Paul, has now correctly predicted the outcome of every match involving Germany.
The Kracher moves in mysterious waves!
A great game, although only caught the 2nd half. I've watched all my games on SF2 (a Swiss channel with entertaining German commentary). Austrian football commentators are the worst I know. Dull and humourless in the extreme.

George S said...

The 'octopus' is a secret weapon developed in well-funded German labs closed to public scrutiny. It is in fact a clone of the late Paul McCartney who, as all informed people know, died shortly before the recording of Abbey Road, as proved by the fact that he - the body double that is - is the only one crossing the zebra in bare feet.

GCHQ in Cheltenham have been listening in to coded conversations between the 'octopus' and Sepp B;atter. Meanwhile, the world may be assured, Britain is working on its own version of the 'octopus' in the form of a labrador called Aretha.