Sunday, 18 July 2010

Sunday night is.... Simply the Best

Tina Turner in 1994. By request for Gwilym (Poet in Residence elsewhere but often in welcome visitation here) and his devotion to Blackburn Rovers. Appropriately enough, 1994 was the beginning of the big year when Blackburn won the Premier League. There haven't been too many of those years, not at least since 1913-14.

There is something about Tina's movement that is almost genderless. She takes possession of the stage and romps on it in an ecstatic strop. I can't believe she has ever been graceful in her life, but she gives space hell.


At the column on the right you might note, near the bottom, new direct links to Amazon for some of my recent books and associated. I was persuaded this was a good idea, and it might well be. You buy a book through the link and I make about 30p. It is clearly a quick way to making a fortune.

There is also another new link under Writers' Websites. It is Touchy Poem and belongs to Aniket Kaushal from India who puts up old English language poems. There are a number of poems by Ella Wheeler Wilcox there now.


Gwil W said...

"she gives space hell"!

apologies for leaving Henning Berg out the equation, how could I forget all those years of devoted service, the young Berg (at right back) was like Graham LeSaux (left back)and Colin Hendry (centre back)something fearless, sometimes he'd forget his shin pads, ouch!

Thank you, George. You and Tina have made an old man happy. If they should ever invite you to go on Desert Island Discs you know what to do ;)

Now where's that replay arrow >

Gwil W said...

1994. What a year!
I'd say the gal's pretty darned good for a 55 year-old divorcee. There's more women's lib there than all the usual suspects put together. And there's poetry in that song text too. And some cool dudes in the band. George, I'm sold. George, I'm breaking out a celebratory bottle of William Grant's.
Prosit! und Danke sehr mein Freund.

George S said...

My pleasure, Gwilym.

James said...

Poet IR: thanks for remembering Henning Berg! Don't think it invalidates your no-legionnaires thing in the previous post (B'burn were unusually English for the 40 years before them, let alone what's come since). And of course you let us have him after you, for which all gratitude.

Given the obvious lack of opportunities for English players in the big five clubs, even with localizing regulations coming in to effect soon, I wouldn't rule out another Blackburn-type side coming through and scaring the blue blazes out of everyone again. Back in '85, when Liverpool were buying up every available player of calibre, it was thought that teams of the Blacburn stripe were dead and gone. Seven years later, and you'll finish that sentence..

George S said...

True, and the 1994-5 Blackburn team look really good now looking back at it. I should add the about that time Manchester United's first team in 1994/5 was likely to include: Neville, Neville, Butt, Scholes, Beckham, Sharpe, , Parker, Pallister, May, Cole, Bruce and Ince plus Giggs & Hughes (Welsh) McClair (Scottish), Keane, Irwin, Gillespie (Irish). For English league purposes these have all been broadly classed as 'home' players.

Three not exactly minor exceptions: Cantona, Kanchelskis and Schmeichel.

Even now, first team squad players would include Brown, Carrick, Evans, Ferdinand, Giggs, Hargreaves, Neville, O'Shea, Owen, Rooney, Scholes and possibly Welbeck.

There are some good youth players like Cleverley, Gill and Amos, who might yet make it.

I wouldn't give up on the younger England players to come through at international level - Arsenal and Everton and Spurs have some good ones.

George S said...

I've left - how could I? - Fletcher.

dana said...

Tina's known here -- and elsewhere, surely -- for her gorgeous legs. She's certainly agile, doing all that in heels! I'd say purple pants keyboards from the video is more along graceful lines.

Odd how songs don't get under our skin until they're associated with our home teams. Kool and the Gang's Celebration will forever bring the St. louis Cardinals' 1982 World Series victory to mind. Although these days I see the Muppets' version more often:

Second only to their Brick House from the same otherwise pretty bad film, Muppets From Space:

Of course, their Bohemian Rhapsody is a masterpiece:

Which reminds of Austria's Mnozil Brass' version, via trombone playing husband:

What incredible singers and players these guys, with their funny sidewinder trumpets and theatrics, are!

Gwil W said...

Hi dana,
Good post. I'm going to take a gander at TT's perfect pins, they're almost as perfect as Jason Wilcox's, and then to your Bohemain Raphsody video. Bardic it is!

George S said...

Dana - I hadn't seen The Muppets' Bohemian Rhapsody before. It's glorious! So is the Monozil Brass version. Thank you.

I'll check out Kool and the Gang á la Muppet.