Wednesday, 28 July 2010



Reading tonight to a nice packed audience in Holt with Helen Ivory, Martin Figura and Jehane Markham - hence late back. Nice to meet Ira Lightman and wife Marie, whom I did not think to see there. Not having eaten, we had a late Indian meal in Holt ('holt' in Hungarian means 'dead', and I guess it was pretty quiet).

I read Dave Cameron has been doing a whirlwind crawl around the world's more profitable countries and going it large with Turkey. Growing economy, young work force, pally with Syria and Iran. Clearly people a third rate bankrupt power wants to be friends with.

I sense a new politics in the offing.


Anonymous said...

Unlike the country founded on the word of a 2500 B.C. God. The Europeans who immigrated wholesale into Palestine, throws the natives into open air concentration camps, is subsidized by America, who steals the identities of its allies citizens for their SS hit-squads, makes a lot of noise about Iran acquiring nuclear weapons when they conceal their own. The biggest hypocrites in the M.E.

Watch good old Bibi in 2001, not realising he is being recorded, bragging how easy it is to get bullshit the Americans in Oslo and inflict on the Palestinians:

Not just one hit.. but many painful, so that the price will be unbearable. The price is not unbearable now. A total assault on the Palestinian Authority, to bring them to a state of panic, that everything is collapsing. Fear that everything will collapse. That is what we'll bring them to.

But wait a minute. The world then will say: What are you, occupiers.

The world will say we are defending ourselves

Aren't you afraid of the world Bibi?

No. Especially now with America. I know what Aemrica is. America is a thing which can be easily moved ..moved in the right direction. They will not bother us.


George S said...

I am not sure whether the suggestion in your post that the evil Americans are manipulating the evil Israelis, or the evil Israelis are manipulating the evil Americans.

Or possibly it's the evil Europeans manipulating both.

I get the message they are all evil, so it probably doesn't matter. But then so am I. Evil as they come.