Monday, 21 May 2012

From Totleigh Barton 1

Early rising, morning train to Kings Cross then Paddington where I meet Marilyn, then the train to Exeter, We start cold and warm in ever brighter sunlightwhere we are picked up by taxi and driven to Totleigh.Tthe fields glossy with light, the hills, the trees filling the space, burgeoning, blossoming, billowing, bosoming like a crowd of early Palmers. We meet a flock of sheep about to turn into a field. The front rank turn round and cause minor chaos. The taxi backs up and eventually the flock is driven forward, a moving rug.

Down here the barn has been completely renovated. Everything looks clean and trim, the lawn cut. The subject is form. Tonight the tudents talk about themselves, their reading and their experience then, by way of light exercise we ask students to write related haiku or tanka. Tomorrow we both talk on our experience of form and set a few more exercises..

Tired now. More tomorrow.

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