Saturday, 19 May 2012

Saturday frolics

Preparing to teach Arvon course with the great Marilyn Hacker as fellow tutor. Plus packing off corrections to corrected proofs of Poetry Review. Plus clearing desk. Plus finishing commentary on splendid Alison's fable, plus writing letters to people who send me poems.

And then Wymondham Abbey to birthday Ken's concert where they're doing Sarah Law's text on Margery Kempe and my own Tom Hickathrift as set by Ken - it's mostly his music. Good spirited performances by singers, Hickathrift a laugh. Evening full of bonhomie, and as we're ending with a brief sermon and hymn, of bondieumie too.

Missed the dramatic ten minutes of the Champion's League Final, the other 110+ mins of Bayern missing the Chelsea goal while Chelsea yawn and adore their fleas in the floodlights (credit to Ted Hughes's Jaguar).

Here endeth... But that's Larkin now. I am about to remove my cycle-clips in awkward reverence for sleep.

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