Thursday, 17 May 2012

Singing the City: Chorus for St Andrew's Plain

Chorus for St Andrews Plain

This is our city

This is what we stand on,
the ground we occupy
at midday, in the middle of things,
in the stream of time that flows round us and through us.
Here we have come, from this place and that place,
to be where you find us,
where we find ourselves,
singing out of the heart of the city.
This is our city.
From Northwick to Norwich
From gata to gate
From woollers to fullers
Pitch, wine and millstones
Carpenters, brewers
From market to cathedral
From no tower to Cow Tower
Dragon Hall to Strangers Hall

From cats to canaries
From plague through to riot
From smallpox to typhoid
From leather to theatre
Silk, shoes and mustard
From trams through to buses
From library to library
From friary to Forum
This is our city.
This is what we stand on.

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