Thursday, 23 September 2010

Loaded Question: Alien Invasion

Radio over lunch. Man on 'Costing the Earth' is in New York where a patch of road has been pedestrianised with benches etc. People sitting on benches reading books, enjoying the city.

Are you happy, he asks one woman, that the street has been taken away from the cars and given to the people?

America is the New World of course and there the cars drive themselves, running people over and commandeering the best parts of the city. They are mostly an alien life form. When it comes to a choice between a big petrol-guzzling metal alien life form and a human being I'm with the human being. (Power to the People!)

Occasionally you will see a human being inside a car. They are prisoners of the cannibalistic, petrol-guzzling, metal, alien life form, on the way to being ingested. They come out at the other end as exhaust and are quickly replaced by Baudrillardean simulacra.

It is possible that some of the people you see on the benches reading books, etc, are themselves Baudrillardean simulacra. Always best to look carefully before you get into conversation with them. If you are aware of air being emitted through either the mouth or the nostrils leave immediately.

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Anonymous said...

Imagine if, in this infinite expanding space, we are not the lone intelligence and centre of a universe, but, like men up until Copernicus, merely deluded, high on our own self-importance and, displaced from the centre of things, how would we cope, knowing what's beyond the veil slipped revealing something so unknowable, only a poet could state what s/he saw?

I Know What I Saw