Tuesday, 14 September 2010

Brief Owl Post and Tom Waits

There is a live Horned Owl in the antique shop in Elm Hill that has been there ever since we arrived in town. The owner has changed but the owl goes on. Today it was gently hooting along to Tom Waits. Soon it was fed a small chick.

It's been a week of violence in Norfolk. First the headless frog ("My manners are tearing off heads" - Ted Hughes, 'Hawk Roosting') and now this. This AND Tom Waits. And yesterday the opening of the Festival exhibition, Over the Moon. E and V. up to stay the night, a late night.

Walking round Norwich in the morning then the owl, followed by lunch at The Murderers. It's all Grand Guignol in Norfolk!


Will said...


smoke cigarettes and drink coffee to celebrate giving up on cigarettes.

Poet in Residence said...

"the owl is a clock with no hands"

George S said...

Nice video. Dialogue post-Harold Pinter out of Samuel Beckett both waiting for Godot in the guise of a professional drummer.