Sunday, 19 September 2010

Sunday Night is... Cliff before he became Cliff, etc

Oh Boy (1959) starting with Cliff Richard and a medley of various. Espresso Bongo, CR's first film, released the same year, with an excellent Laurence Harvey, plus Sylvia Sims and Gilbert Harding, was down the Elvis line and not at all bad. Herein also find Marty Wilde and Dicky Pride... The girls are The Vernon Girls...

I am ten at the time and not allowed to watch this.

The Wymondham Words Festival over and I am a little worn round the edges, but the whole was a great success, including the autumn session today - with thanks to Mark for reminding me of Derek Mahon's gorgeous 'Leaves', which I did include in the end, just before Shelley.


Billy C said...

"I am ten at the time and not allowed to watch this."

I'm not surprised, George. Latent homosexuality AND suggestive ladies! Tch, tch. Little boys should be tucked up in bed and dreaming of Biggles or Captain Marvel. :)

Good find, though, even though the sound quality would not pass muster today.

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