Friday, 24 April 2009

Free bus and Bach

My first free ride on the bus to university - at least part of the way. It's good. It's like sneaking on and avoiding the conductor. A guilty rush. I am eleven again. Bach Cello Suites all the way, no 1 in G, then no 4 in E flat, followed by No 5 in E minor.

If God exists he is part Bach, part Shakespeare. Bach would be the heavenly part, Shakespeare the earthly. The fields are lush with sunlight. Norfolk is not quite the fields of heaven but given a Bach gloss it comes close.

Piazzola on the way home


Writing what I hope is the final draft of a long review for PL. C still away with her mother.

The Keats' House reading has now been transferred to Hampstead Town Hall.

My brain is mush tonight. I must go out and yowl at the moon, that is providing it is still there. Either that or listen to Bach again.


bob said...

George, I love the Piazzolla (as I love so much of the music you post). Have you noticed, I have tagged you with something inviting you to share more music with us? Maybe for when some day when you are a little less tired!


George S said...

Bob, I hadn't noticed the tagging. I am away for the next four days - Oxford and London - and have been much away otherwise, so life is a even more mad than usual.

I'll try to oblige as soon as I can.

And very nice to see you here.