Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Late again

The debate goes on at Engage. It will be the nicest people who kill us. Or at least they will be too polite not to open the door to the real haters who want to. There is something about the feeling of righteousness that is both self- and mutually-magnifying. Get a lot of righteous people together and they grow very big very quickly. And they won't be in the business of listening to argument.


I want to write something about my friend SF's memoir. A life nothing at all like mine, but very like his I expect. Other people! Sometimes I think I am a kind of lepidopterist of homo sapiens. Look at the wing span of that one! Is that a Cabbage White? Pure Purple Emperor. And there's one in a black Mini with bull bars and a white top.

Me? I'm a strange brown foreign moth, amazed by such glittery exotics.

But I'll write about Mr Foster properly. Shortly.

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