Thursday, 30 April 2009


...from which not yet back from. Another internet cafe, in Hampstead this time, so just brief. I will write up more tomorrow.

Last night the reading at the Athenaeum. A very good occasion, and quite a place. Daughter H kept us informed afterwards regarding state of affairs at Old Trafford. This morning Picasso at the NG then Gerhard Richter at the NPG, much more on both tomorrow, both fascinating.

Meet son T at NG then go for a bar meal, back to Athenaeum for a rest before coming up here.

On tube saw two people - both Asian - holding something before their noses. The Great Armageddon Flu Fear has arrived. As for the Death Plague itself: minor earthquake in Mexico, not many killed.

Now for a cup of tea before another reading. A girl three places down from me is chatting in Hungarian. Let's leave her to it.

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