Monday, 20 July 2009

Ford Fiesta: A Mission from God

I'm not sure any major paper except The Telegraph does stories like this:


Three nuns who hurried towards Pope Benedict XVI's holiday home after learning that he had suffered a minor accident were stopped by police for speeding at 120mph.

Sister Tavoletta, 56, was at the wheel of the Ford Fiesta, and two other unnamed nuns, aged 65 and 78, were passengers when police pulled them over.

When stunned officers asked why they were speeding, Sister Tavoletta said: "We had heard how the Pope had fallen over and we were on our way to make sure he was OK."

The nuns were stopped while an hour's drive from Pope Benedict's summer holiday chalet at Les Combes. Earlier, the pontiff had slipped in the bathroom and fractured his wrist – news which caused great consternation at the nuns' Salesian convent. The trio immediately jumped in a car to try and visit him.

A spokesman for Turin's police, said: "Hopefully Sister Tavoletta will be making sure she confesses her bad driving the next she goes to confession. But in the meantime, she will have to pay the Euros 375 fine (£325)."

120 mph in a Fiesta? Hit it, nuns!


SueG said...

I must admit, this might be one of my favourite blog postings of all time!

Billy C said...

I agree, Sue. I'll bet the Rosary Beads of the two older nuns were smoking when the police officer pulled them over.