Sunday, 19 July 2009

Sunday night is... Keith Jarrett running away with himself and everything else

The not uneccentric Mr Jarrett beginning with a torrential Art Tatum-like downpour such as we have just had, of music in his case, of rain in ours, then deciding to get on with 'All the Things You Are (and are hurriedly being)'. Keith Jarrett, the Leo Messi of the piano, definitely a shimmering winger rather than a midfield dynamo or a reliable shot-stopper.


Andrew Philip said...

Tonight's Jazz on 3 is a Jarrett special. Mmmmmmmmmmmm!

George S said...

I have had Jarrett on all day, more or less, Andrew. He covers a lot of Bill Evans territory too, don't you think? The sound somehow less - how to put it? - deep, slightly jumpy all the time as if he couldn't ever sit still while Evans is always sitting at the bottom of himself somewhere. It's the Tatum side of Jarrett.

OK, so it's pretentious talk, but sometimes you don't get anywhere without it.