Tuesday, 7 July 2009

With guitar

C has now sold 11 (eleven) works at her exhibition. That's better than in London. Last night poetry and music in the chapel along with the art. Reading with Esther Morgan and Keith Chandler, the music by Andy Kirkham, who sounds like this (It's MySpace, so pick your own). Given the right amount of reverberation in a medieval chapel the guitar fills it like water fills a bowl. Meanwhile rain and thunder outside, just a little. The whole a touch impromptu, everyone performing free to draw attention to the chapel that might be converted into a centre for arts of various sorts. Chapel as below:

Handily next to pub, as below:

Further encouragements from people to put myself forward for the Oxford Chair. I am extremely flattered and deeply uncertain.

Otherwise working at home, translating and writing and trying to catch up with countless commissions and commitments.

This is one of the duller entries. Mind in too many places at once.

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Writearound said...

So sorry I couldn't make this George as I do find Clarissa'a work exciting, however the needs of a recently bereaved friend intervened.
The Oxford Chair, yes I should go for it George, you would make the post something other, a little accessible a little less Oxford ( if that makes any sense to you). Unfortunately I graduated from a solid redbrick so have no vote but I would be happy to arm wrestle a few dusty dons on your behalf.