Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Two Gordons: intergalactic news

Gordon, of Peter and Gordon, has died. Peter Asher was Jane Asher's brother, Jane going out with Paul McCartney. Gordon was not the Gordon referred to by Jilted John.

A moment of sixties silence. The potency of cheap music.

Another sad item on intergalactic news.


Gordon Burn was a stunning writer. I read his Alma Cogan quite a few years ago but he seems to me, even at this distance, a far superior version of David Peace. Lots of celebrity-fascination there, which I don't go for, not even in the darkest and most obscure crannies of my imagination, but in Burn's hands it was haunted imagination, fully equipped with all the senses and fully literary in a way no film could do justice to: sheer prose, nudging at tough poetry.

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