Sunday, 19 July 2009

Two Penned Books

From Penned in the Margins, a book each by Stephanie Leal and Sarah Hesketh. Quite different poets: Leal playful, experimental, questioning of 'poetry' as a specialised, rarefied state enjoyed only by sensitive types, her poems with a touch of theatre and bravura, some natural for - and intended for - performance; Hesketh... well, my own blurb for it says:

Her terrain is not ... exactly Jane Austen’s ‘two inches of ivory’ because Hesketh’s imagination ranges far and wide into some fairly exotic real and literary spaces, but the sense of ivory is there, as is the fierce, delicate carving. It is a melancholy but rigorously beautiful world her poems describe. We also know that every tiny part of every line has been fiercely fought for and that that is the source of the authority.

Read more about Hesketh here and about Leal here.

It's nice to be able to mention these. I don't do advertisements but these are good books by very promising poets, both of whom I briefly taught, and it has become a very rainy Sunday indeed. Let them brighten it.

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Michelle said...

Both sound wonderful. Thanks, George.