Saturday, 14 May 2011

Go, Stoke!

I don't know whether I am a neutral supporting the underdog or a United fan sticking out a tongue at the latest 'massive' injection of cash into the already bloated veins of a plaything club. I preferred City when they were City, even in 1968 when they won the league. Now they seem like a team composed for a video game. By a neat coincidence this is Jones singing the Stoke anthem in 1968.

Besides, I have Stoke friends. Go Stokies! Then she laughed no more.


Gwil W said...

Ach the Rovers. Felled?
Yet another controversial Man Utd penalty "slammed into the net" as somebody has said more times than once.

Blackpool and Wigan winning. As Ewood is it all going pear shaped...I can't bear to watch.

And George, I don't.

ps- tomorrow's stage will be a tad interesting in the Italian Giro. It's due to finish on Mount Etna which has just erupted twice (on the 11th and 12th) - they are busy clearing ash off the roads.

George S said...

Not that controversial, Gwilym, but controversy always makes the better story. I'd say that was a penalty about 80% of the time. maybe more.

I still think Blackburn will be OK. West Ham, Wigan and not possibly Birmingham for the chop...

Trust eruption was minor disruption. Skirt the lava, lads!

Gwil W said...

Incredible optimism, a solitary pink farmhouse in the middle of black lava vastness.