Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sunday Night Is... The Owl and the Pussycat via Stravinsky, and...

Conducted by Igor Stravinsky.
Adrienne Albert - soprano,
Robert Craft - piano.

One of Stravinsky's last compositions, possibly the last, as sung by Adrienne Albert. There is a lovely YouTube encounter when the singer discovers herself and writes back to the uploader of the track. Chronologically it should read from the bottom up, of course, but it's more fun to read down.

Oh wow! I'm learning this piece for my Master's recital and I LOVE it!! I've known the poem for ages but had no idea that it'd been set to music. Wonderful! And this recording is very very good. Perfect pitch or just hard work? Bravi! :) didyce23 2 weeks ago

@adriennealbert I've only just seen this comment ... apologies, I don't get notified by email! I can't believe I'm talking to you directly. Truly inspiring. This is probably one of my favorite pieces of music, ever, and I mean this performance, specifically, as I mentioned before. My wife and I actually performed this song as a part of our wedding. I think we did a nice job on it :-), but nothing touches this original magic for me. Thank you so much!ragorimoviecv 5 months ago

Wonderful to know about this recording, Adrienne. A great performance from singer (you!) and pianist Robert Craft of, as you say, Stravinsky's final composition. ~Janet rwindeler 6 months ago

Congratulations, Adrienne! Wackiavelli 6 months ago

Go, Adrienne! Wackiavelli 6 months ago

@sanstitle, yes, this was Stravinsky's last completed composition. adriennealbert 7 months ago

Was this Stravinsky's last composition? sanstitle 7 months ago

@AndTok2, Thank you so much for adding my name to the credits of this recording. Much appreciated! It was the "talk" of Facebook for a couple of days:-). adriennealbert 9 months ago
A happy story, and the world has not ended, so happier still.


Gwil W said...

Thank you Wolves!

Hi George, Big riot yesterday at Rapid v. Austria. Match abandoned after 30mins. Right-wing FPÖ HC Strache ahead in the polls. Spain and Italy up next for the credit crunch...Greece back on the drachma? (what else can the do?) ...Portugal...a mess?...Ireland - can Queen save them?... my goodness we live in interesting times.

George S said...

Blackburn safe!Told you not to worry. But then I would have been worried too in the circumstances.

Is there a back story behind the Austrian football riot? Why were tempers running so short?

The Right are gaining everywhere for now. Why in Austria particularly? Does Austria have a big immigrant problem?

Interesting, as you say. The repercussions of the 2008 crash are not to be covered up too easily. At that time I wondered if capitalism really had hit a major rock. The ship may still be breaking up. I think of the far Right as the circling sharks that have always followed in its wake.

Gwil W said...

The football story was a 'local derby' with a long-running history, but this time the home team hooligans were better organized than the police - perhaps they are learning from the arabs and using facebook etc. to make their riot plans?

Austria, a country susceptible to periods of xenophobia, only really has a problem because right wing politicians like to have it that way.

It's taken Austrian's 55 years and to enforce dual language road signing on the Slowenian border for example. The right wing are always having a pop at the Turkish immigrants - it's been going on since the Turks stood at the gates of Vienna in 1400and whenever it was!