Wednesday, 11 May 2011

If You Talk in Your Sleep Don't Mention My Name

This song recorded a hundred years ago, in 1911, well, on the 24th November that year, by Billy Murray, tune by Nat D Ayer, words by A. Seymour Brown. The Library of Congress have opened a Jukebox. It's a magnificent thing. It's right here!. You can browse!! Some 10,000 items. Make playlists, embed, etc. I found it via Norm.

Isn't the internet extraordinary?


Woke very early this morning so, working all day on other people's business, I lie down after lunch for half an hour and flick channels. On The Bill there are three young men. One's a snob and a crook, one's a crook, the third is mad. Flick to Jeremy Kyle, two young men, one a drug addict, the other a terminal sponger off his mum. She lands in £16,000 debt. 5-0.

Who loves ya, boys? Go to Wayne Rooney for a role model if you must have one. He's better than these. At least he's good at football.


Greg said...

That's a potential treasure trove!

I couldn't connect with the links you gave but did get a look (and a listen) via the 'Norm' link.

George S said...

Thanks, Greg. I'll try to fix the links.

George S said...

How strange! The links work for me...

Gwil W said...

THE LINK opens with a warning:
"Historical recordings may contain offensive language"

Now that'll fetch em in.

Is Brian Clough in there?

George S said...

Yes, I noticed that, Gwilym. Rather intriguing - probably more to do with politically offensive terms than with profanities.

And I expect it will fetch em in. It generally does.