Wednesday, 3 August 2011

All MP's have sexual magnetism

Paul Flynn (Lab), position A

As claimed here by 76-year old Labour MP, Paul Flynn. It is the way the admirers are fanned around the sexually charged electro-magnetic body that is the clue. Do watch out for this key pattern as the MP emerges from the Lobby. It is the inevitable configuration. In Flynn's own words,"It's a complete mystery but there's not much doubt that the two little letters [MP] after the name do enhance the allure of women and men when they get to this position". (Position A as above.)

Mr Flynn is also fond of tweeting. "If you do it this way your questions are much more pithy. You make every word count, without any verbal Polyfilla," he said, picking the Polyfilla out of his mouth.

Power, as Henry Kissinger once noted, is the greatest aphrodisiac.

Tomorrow, Eric Pickles: Babe Magnet. Needless to say Mr Pickles is a blue magnet.

Eric Pickles. Note the blue sexually magnetic tie.


Anonymous said...

Graham Greene once wrote/said, "Fama is a powerful aphrodisiac."

George S said...

Most MP's are not famous, Frank. Usually, not even their constituents can name them. Maybe the electro-magnetism is only effective inside the Houses of Parliament.