Sunday, 7 August 2011

Sunday night is... Swing Cats Jamboree with Luis Prima

Louis Prima and company - Shirley Lloyd (Way Down Yonder in New Orleans; I Can’t Give You Anything But Love; You’re An Education; Please Be Kind; Loch Lomond. And the rest of the Swing Cats (1938)

Wild stuff for seeming gentlefolk. The two dancers in the middle of the clip (presumably Ted Gary and Mitzi Dahl) are terrific. In 1938 my father was 21 and my mother still in Transylvania aged 14. Under the YouTube clip, the following:

Is there a way to download this video in good quality? Do you mind sharing this with me and my brothers? that is my father, Louis Masinter on bass and we would LOVE being able to have this for all time. Daddy played with Frank Frederico on guitar and Godfrey Hirsch on xylophone for many many years and Frank attended his funeral 14 years ago. They are now playing with Louis on the big bandstand in the sky now.

- from Suze9088 'a year ago'

And Louis Masinter then. And Frank Frederico and Godfrey Hirsch. And all those dancing round the stage at the end including the manic drunk on his girl's back.


Dafydd John said...

Nothing to do with the above, I just thought you'd like to see this - not the rugby referee bit - but Gillian Clarke at the end of the report.

Nice to have some good news...

George S said...

Thanks Dafydd and cheers to Gillian. Good for her!

Mind you, I still feel a little uncertain with talk of nations as opposed to, say, countries or states.

Dafydd John said...

It seems that countries or states seem to have their problems too, George! And how!

It's a shame you haven't experienced an Eisteddfod - yet - you'd love it, I'm sure.

If you're interested, here's a clip from the Chairing ceremony from last week, when the prize was won by a very young looking poet (he's actually 28). His poems (written in strict meter cynghanedd) are actually quite brilliant.