Thursday, 11 August 2011

Words associated with food (not for vegetarians)

Words can be a meal in themselves and when I came across a website asking readers for words associated with food, I was immediately curious. However, imagine my disappointment when this list came out top. No flavour, no texture, no voluptuousness, no grossness, no sheer salivating enjoyment, Here it is anyway:

cook, bake, broil, heat, sear, saute, recipe, ingredients, pans, plate, dinnerware, silverware, eat, meat, vegetables, grain, calories, carbohydrates, plant, sow, reap, harvest, minerals, vitamins, farms, ranches, grill, slice, serving, obesity, bulima, nervosa anorexia, gut, digestion, bite, teeth, chew, swallow, choke, vomit, tables, stove, cookware, tablecloth, kitchen, campfire, microwave, refrigeration, left-overs, feed, shopping, restaurant, store, fields, silos, barns, game, wash, knives, scraps, bones, gristle, shell, fertilizer, marketing, butcher, grocer, check-out, carts, receipt, produce, packaging, raw, shelves, lockers, baskets, candy, holidays,

See what I mean? Someone follows up with:

appetite..bon appetit..culinary..dining..eating..fine-… dinner..linguine..mussels..nachos..onion… carrots..vegetable..waffle..xtra cheesey..yams..zucchini

Well yes, well yes, but then it tails away just when it was getting interesting. I think we could do better, so, experimentally, somewhat along the lines of sheep-counting, as in yan-tan-tethera..., let's see if we can get some rhythm going, and some of that vowel and consonant mouth-dance I am so keen on in poetry.

raw, brawn, chow, cheek, custard, mustard, /
greased, larded, crunchy, succulent, chewy, /
toothsome, sour-sweet, piquant, /
hock, flank, chuck, chick, duck, neck, yam, whelk, /
rump, ramp, jerk, quiche, quenelle, anchovy/
eggplant, zucchini, blini, bolt, bouillabaisse,/
roulade, roux, ragu, ratatouille, roast /
frites, fricassee, forcemeat, homini, hummus, /
offal, oxtail, pork, pancetta, epicure, /
shin, clod, silverside, loin, leg, breast,/
belly, knuckle, wing, sweetmeat, lights, glutton.

It's a miscellaneous enough list, but never mind, let it sing! Good. Now I feel hungry again. And this is only the tip of the iceberg lettuce.


dana said...

endive, escarole, parsley, punch
shrimp, succotash, salsiccia, munch
greasy, juicy, tender, crunch
crisp, piquant, succulent, squash
noodle kugel, butternut

George S said...

Now that's a good list - a proper menu!