Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Events, dear boy, events...

Not too late, but feels late. Bad and anxious nights recently with too much to do. Yesterday I spent the day setting up the Facebook page for the Wymondham Words Festival, today I spent translating parts of the interview we did in Hungary with Peter Szuhaly, the curator of the Liszt and Gypsy Music exhibition at the Ethnographic Museum. It's slow working from a CD that I have to keep stopping. At the time I translated impromptu and that seems mostly all right but every so often I miss something and there are moments I did not completely understand what he was saying. The drive in translating from recorded conversation is to clarify and make articulate, but one has to be careful with that since what people say remains improvised, not literary.

At the same time I am thinking of affairs at The Poetry Society. I have enough proposers to be nominated but the white nights are due to thinking of all that's coming up. I am currently judging the Stephen Spender Competition an the Essex Poetry Festival Competition. Next week I am at Voewood. I am also part of a reading at the Royal Academy with poems about photography. More details on that tomorrow. I am also translating a book to a deadline, am due to make appearances in London over the next two months,with Lidija Dimkovska, being part of the Escalator residential weekend, and then the festival itself! More to come on all these things.

That's before October starts.. And so to bed.

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