Thursday, 11 October 2012

Ferlinghetti declines Hungarian prize

Lawrence Ferlinghetti Declines 50,000 Euro Prize from Hungarian PEN Club, 
Chides Funding from Hungarian Government 

October 11, 2012 Late last week, we learned that famed poet, publisher, bookstore owner, artist, and activist Lawrence Ferlinghetti had been awarded the Janus Pannonius International Poetry Prize from the Hungarian PEN Club, a chapter of the larger PEN organization. Established this year, the prize carries a 50,000 Euro financial award. After doing some research on the Pannonius Prize, Ferlinghetti discovered that a sizeable portion of the prize money had been provided by the Hungarian government, which has been widely accused of officially and unofficially stifling free speech. In light of this news, Ferlinghetti decided to decline the award, and sent this message to the President of the Hungarian PEN Club:

Dear Geza Szocs, After careful research into the Pannonius Prize and its sponsors, including the present Hungarian government, I have come to the following conclusions: Since the Prize is partially funded by the present Hungarian government, and since the policies of this right-wing regime tend toward authoritarian rule and the consequent curtailing of freedom of expression and civil liberties, I find it impossible for me to accept the Prize in the United States. Thus I must refuse the Prize in its present terms. However, assuming the total devotion of the Hungarian PEN Club and yourself to freedom of speech and social justice, I propose that the Prize money be used to set up a fund to be administered by the Hungarian PEN Club, said fund to be devoted solely to the publication of Hungarian authors whose writings support total freedom of speech, civil rights, and social justice. These are the only terms under which I can accept the Pannonius Prize. In defense of individual freedom and democratic institutions, I am faithfully yours, Lawrence Ferlinghetti

At that point Mr. Szocs offered to exclude the Hungarian government’s contribution to the prize money and to begin negotiations surrounding the proposed fund, but Ferlinghetti is steadfast in his views, saying:

I hereby refuse the Prize in all its forms. There is no possibility of my accepting the prize in a ceremony in the United States or elsewhere. I am sorry it has come to this, and I am grateful to those in Hungary who may have had the purest motives in offering me the Prize.

Lawrence Ferlinghetti has been a bastion of the New Directions list for over sixty years, and we are proud of his decision and stand by him in his fight for free speech.

By email directly from New Directions


Anonymous said...

Those who think that in Hungary free speech or opinion is in any way threatened or opressed, are either woefully under-informed, or are deliberately intent on spreading smear and lies about Hungary. Anybody opening leftist newpapers, leftist web-sites, or watches leftist TV can testify to the free and unlimited venting of even the most absurd anti-government claims and opinions. Sadly, that includes anti-Hungarian ranting from die-hard ex-Commies and their supporters like Ákos Kertész and his ilk.

George S said...

But I see you remain Anonymous, while I don't.

George S said...

There is a reasonable record of the progress of the media laws here:

The language Mr Anonymous uses, eg 'ex-commies' rather gives the game away.

Bálint said...

George S said...

Nem tartok igényt.