Friday, 29 August 2008


I want to reflect a little on elements of the visit - at ten days, our longest for a few years. But here are a few items I immediately picked up on returning, or indeed a day or so before returning.

1. The UCU saga that resulted in the brief disappearance of Harry's Place, with some strong posts at Engage, regarding the exclusion of David Hirsh from the activists' list of UCU. David replies here and proceeds here. An assessment by Robert Fine here. DSTPW is no friend of Harry as Harry has become and comments. It is instructive to see the UCU defending the right of people to make the occasional mistake of linking to the KKK fascist David Duke. Bit tactless, they suppose, but, hey, even Duke must be better than an Israeli scholar.

2. Can't miss this of course. Michael Palin's long lost little sister nominated by John McCain. I received an email tipping her to be picked many hours before the news broke at the BBC. Dunno how it's done. She sounds an interesting bundle of potential contradictions. Member of National Rifle Association, supported gay legislation but against gay marriage. Pro-life feminist. Astute move by McCain. For now.

3. And this, the sentencing of a man who knifed a BNP supporter who had been harassing his family. Victim's wife calls for justice. I cannot quite feel her pain. The BNP make great play of being the white working man's party. Er, no. They are racist fascist excrement in suits.

Reflections in another post then.


Will said...

See Hitchens on Palin George

Up Obama!

(i have decided he is my man). The yanks will obviously support me in this.

George S said...

Read it. Yes, it's good, if a bit obvious. But then there's no alternative to the obvious at the moment.

I rather suspect McCain's advisers put together a checklist of the kind of candidate they were looking for, went through their computer files, and found someone who looked a bit yummy-mummy as well. Sexy plus the apple pies. But I doubt they know much more about her than anyone else does. I mean they could really have been astute in choosing her, but on the other hand they could just have been PR-shallow. She'll get a lot of photo-ops.

And yes, Obama for me too. Early days.

Will said...

That Macain oven fried chips wifey ... she hates polar bears as well like

Couldn't ever vote for a polar bear hater.