Sunday, 24 August 2008

Twins and triplets

I am picking these two signs of the times up from Engage and the Drink Soddens (see links on side bar). Late, I know - my excuse is that I am in Hungary where all is hunky-dory - but never too late to know which way some parts of the so-called left are drifting, and have already drifted.

The union of university teachers (UCU) happily links to a notorious Nazi's website and defends doing so, while the Socialist Workers Party calls for action against the British National Party by referring to the evils of the Holocaust that killed everyone - except Jews apparently. Or, if they did so, it doesn't count. So now you know who the Nazis are and what they do. You also know who counts for them and who doesn't.

The UCU and the SWP as twins? No, there is certainly a triplet in there somewhere. Oh yes, The Nazis. But of course the UCU and the SWP only mean the good Nazis.

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