Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Grey Goo Speaks Out

Lord Grey Goo in Liverpool

In an earlier guest post, plant biologist Anne Osbourn wrote:

We – the global community - must look objectively at the tools and resources that we have in hand and make responsible decisions about how to feed the world. This does not mean saying “Organic farming good; GM bad”. It means looking at all of the strings that we have to our bow and making responsible decisions - decisions that we are accountable for. This is not the time to bicker about the phase of the moon, small-scale farming, wide crosses, genetic engineering and biotech. These are just words. There are no scapegoats and by engaging in such bickering we leave people to starve and blame others for their demise..

Well, well, it may be so. On the other hand GM could be the underlying cause of obesity, knife crime, global warming, the Taliban, Martian raids on Windsor and premature hair loss. As for the starving, let them eat organic cake.


Coirí Filíochta said...

Grey Goo Speaks Out (write-through) --

The warming Windsor Taliban earlier today speaking of the global Osbourn clan's community guest biologists who, in Anne an post, planted and wrote:

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SnoopyTheGoon said...

"Martian raids on Windsor"?

Shouldn't it be "human raids on Windsor"? After all, why would Martians raid their own?

George S said...

Not so much Martians, Snoop as Saxe-Coburg-Battenberg-Gotha.

But maybe that's the same thing.

I once ate a Battenberg.

Anne said...

Damian has a sparky post on GM.
Can it be possible that HRH was intelligently designed?

George S said...

"...was intelligently designed?"

Might have been designed by Spike Milligan, of course.

Back to drawing board, in any case.

Stephen F said...

* Wide crosses *

What the hell are they? Poor balls deliver into the box by genetically modified corn dollies?

George S said...

* Wide crosses *

What the hell are they?

Blimey, guv, I'm only a man in the street straight off the Clapham omnibus, but if you were to ask me, a wide cross would be the opposite of a or narrow cross, that's between two quite similar strains of plant, while a wide cross is what happens when you match a daisy with a Venus Fly-trap to get a Flytrap Daisy. Frankenstein food, like what the papers say.

Well, that's my guess. Best ask a plant biologist. On the other hand it could be Ryan Giggs on a bad day.

Or maybe I'll ask the plant biologist.

Plant Biologist said...

Spot on, George. Venus fly trap x daisy is a little ambitious. But if you wave the anthers (male sexual bits) of a maize plant at an oat flower that should work. All perfectly natural wholesome stuff.