Friday, 15 August 2008


To Liverpool today for the launch of books by two friends, Michael Murphy and Deryn Rees-Jones, both by Shoestring Press. Readings joined by another old friend, Matt Simpson. I have yet to read Deryn's Falls & Finds, but Michael's Allotments is a marvelous sequence. This is not a plug or an exaggeration. It really is so. I'll look to do a few brief posts on parts of it.

Probably more tomorrow.


Rob said...

I've just written a review of 'Falls and Finds' for the next issue of Sphinx magazine (

It's the first time I've read anything by Deryn Rees-Jones. I better not give away much of the review before it's published, but the pamphlet certainly repays a close read.

George S said...

Just back, Rob.

I think Rees-Jones is outstandingly good, though I have only just brought Falls and Finds home.

Try to get hold of Allotments too

Rob said...

George, I can't get your link to 'Allotments' to work and I can't find it at the Shoestring site. Maybe the book is so new they haven't put it up yet?

George S said...

Yes, I have just noticed that, Rob. Maybe it not properly up yet. You could get it from Shoestring, of course. It's well worth it.