Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Dreaming John Pilger much the same as reading John Pilger.

In my dream he says that Japan was ready to surrender but that they were nuked by the US because that's the sort of thing the US always does. I don't think he need prove this in the dream. Neither does he. In my dream he explains that this is so because there is no greater evil than the USA with the UK coming in a close second. The rest of the West follows.

It follows that all the authoritarian regimes set up by the USA or the West are evil, even those that are not authoritarian. All authoritarian regimes that have not been set up by the USA on the other hand, are fine, heroic, innocent. So China, the Soviet Union, North Korea, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Iran, Syria etc etc, (the names roll off in this dream) are innocent victims.

And at the very end of the dream will stand Israel, its fangs dripping with blood, just longing to nuke the rest of the Arab world, because that is what Israel does. And the USA is only a pawn in Israel's game. Or is it vice versa? The dream isn't always clear about this. In any case, when you come down to it, the last image will be a fat, stupid, American standing on a blood-soaked field, grinning inanely, with a Jew sitting on his shoulder, whispering malice in the American's ear.

And that, in this dream, is why the Second World War was only mythically a good war.

Why was it only a mythical good war? Because if the Germans had been allowed to get on with it there would be no Israel at all and all the evil in the world would have been magically snuffed out.

Like that.

There's no point in waking from this dream. It is no different in waking life.


Coirí Filíochta said...

Hi George

Please cut at will, this is just a practice...thank you very much..

I read you went interactive yesterday, and it will be interesting for you (and us) I imagine.

There is only you and Rob Mackenzie braving the comments setting to on, and good luck, as i reckon this place may attract some intelligent chat, being honest.

Offer a place for open debate which regularizes itself due to the dynamic those participating effect into being. A genuine arena for a new and Civilised natter.

At least, that's the dream i have as i bore on the cobbles of yr comment box practicing the bluff and blather, attempting to go eau natural...

I thought he reads coherent and reasonable until he starts spitting bile at Israel, and then the apparition of sense disappeared in the final rant, making it difficult to initiate any purposeful discussion about the central thrust of his rant; 80% of which i thought persuasive.

The idea of shady American cadres at the top of the pyramid, steeped in dark political arts of disinformation which, post the 9/11 media explosion of net based information, allows for the very first time -- it would appear - discourse not dictated to us by billionaires in whose interest it is logical to assume, their official media organs are set up to serve. The simple thoughts of a common person can now be heard, if one exercises what meager talent for being human manifests.

Until very recently in comparison to the more senior life-long learners, I was very lucky in not being aware of who Pilger is, and so come to his oeuvre as artist and activist, not weighed down by any long term set on edgeness when reading him -- and thought his central conclusion i think off, the position/spin/stance prior to him detonating, i would pretty much concur with, at this moment in our shared histories.

And History, whatever it is, like the truth Ghandi speke of *just is* and reading a book called Bloody Foreigners (the story of immigration to britain) by Robert Winder, came across the idea of History being a story each individual holds in their head as their (our) own, and though he is speaking of Immigration to Britain, in the line:

"In any event such conversations - however worthwhile and necessary - obscure the extent to which" History "is a story," could as easily be placed their.

gra agus siochainn

Coirí Filíochta said...

The tangle and drift is just too vast for their to be a black and white truth to what is a biblical narrative.

I was surfing today and came across Saint Gregory, who carved his reputation in the church for exposing heresy, in what must have been quantum philosophy competitions with other intellectuals human beings who prosecuted their suit of this or that position being right and the oppositional one, deserving of some biblical torment or punishment, in the name of God, whoever He is in todays' po-mo s/he of the fair play sexless entity.

And it got me thinking of all the people who take something simple, spoken by another, and move so far away from the source of Love and goodness, that before we know it, we are arguing at such a distance, it is all hot air, and Sean has reached that point, but surely it must be a human tic his humanity can overcome if he comes here and lets us chat to him, cure him of his wrong-headedness, and award him the prize of second gob on G's cobbles speaking honest in order to try and find a mask, the lyrical eye, pertaining to Love..

Space Bar said...

Oh, this is wonderful! So I didn't imagine you'd said in a recent post that you were going to open comments?

George S said...

Congratulations and thank you all three for being the first three comments. As I said I cannot guarantee to respond every time, not for lack of will but lack of time.

When I started writing here, I didn't think I was 'blogging'. It wasn't really a conversation with others, more a set of thoughts I wanted to develop. Then I noticed that an increasing number of people were reading and I became aware of them, not so much as readers over my shoulder, as active, would-be active, presences. So I am giving this a go. The only principle is: write it well. If I can, I will.

It will be interesting to see how it does go.

I haven't answered your direct questions for now but I hope to as and when I can, either in the comments box or in the blog posts themselves.