Friday, 14 November 2008

Interim / a dream

If I am unusually taciturn for a day or so it's because I am in London - as I was last night - dashing between appointments, readings etc. Recording for the World Service this afternoon, then the launch at the Savile Club. Last night at St John's Chruch reading as part of concert.


Tomorrow being Saturday I will try to write more since we are free-ish till the evening.

Dreamt last night I was driving to a reading while falling asleep and reading a newspaper. Dangerous, I reflected, as I was pelting along. Then I was in a taxi still on my way to the same place. Driver kept assuring me we were almost there, but we'd been going for hours. I am still falling in and out of sleep. After many hours, after which it becomes clear that we are nowhere near the venue, I find myself in the narrow hallway of a block of high-rise flats. The driver, a small chubby, faintly dusky man stands grinning beside me, my small bag on the floor. The door opens and a tall dark haired, quite attractive woman says something I can't make out. Where are we? I ask. The driver grins and says, almost conspiratorially,"On the continent". Brief panic. The young woman is asking me something. It sounds like, "Would you like a chocolate (or it might have been chocolate drink)? Can't make it out. It flashes through my mind that the driver wants to marry me off to her. I have been kidnapped.

Tell my dream to daughter H as we stand in the kitchen making some tea. Anxiety dream, she says.


Anonymous said...

Made me smile.

George S said...

Made me wake up in a fright, May! Missed appointments are the devil.

Gwil W said...

Been reading Kafka's 'The Trial' perhaps? There's anxiety for you. Perhaps your daughter H is reading it? Or maybe you've seen a copy of it recently?

Gwil W said...

A dream experiment.-
Last thing last night, read George Szirtes' poem about an elephant.
Today, couldn't recall any dreams. Not haunted by feelings of anxiety. Have not been kidnapped. Perhaps I just got lucky?