Sunday, 2 November 2008

Sunday Night is...

Sonic Youth: Sugar Kane. The great MM in doomy counterpoint.

That first passage, after the brief intro dialogue, where the music comes in and MM hurries down the dark train corridor is, I think, quite beautiful. The lyrics can be found here.

It begins:

Youre perfect in the way, a perfect end today
Youre burning out their lights, and burning in their eyes
I love you sugar kane, a-comin from the rain
Oh kiss me like a frog, and turn me into flame
I love you all the time, I need you 8 to 9...


... and this, from here...

George Szirtes from Neil Astley on Vimeo.

The choice of passage was Bloodaxe's. I am not quite sure of this deeply factual piece of narrative as best place to start in Metro, which is more sense of place than family saga, but it's nice to have Pearl there. Meet Pearl. Lily is hiding somewhere as usual.


Gwil W said...

Sorry Neil & co. I don't have Flash 9. The instruction "You dont (sic) need to leave the page!" followed by "you'll need restart your browser" doesn't augur well in this binary world where one false 0 or 1 can bollox everything.

George S said...

Sorry about that. Didn't know, PiR.

thijsw said...

A cat's life must be wonderful at the Szirtes home. Nice girl, this Pearl. It's even better to hear and see you read. I enjoyed it.

Gwil W said...

Being a computer greenhorn I'm generally jittery about downloading newish stuff as I've only got one laptop. If that goes west I've had it.
Today the American National Debt is only ten trillion dollars. So why worry?

George S said...

Lend us a trillion? Just till Wednesday?

Gwil W said...

Only one trillion. A mere klax! You can have a nice 5-year colonial war with that. And with the change you can buy a villa in Switzerland.

US$ National Debt 10,000,000,000,000
Population (1990)
Joe the Plumber's National Debt
*not to mention the National Debt burden on each of Joe's kids, his parents, his grandparents