Friday, 21 November 2008

Late again

I have been writing the talk for tomorrow, titled 'The Slant Door and where it Leads'. Round the bend, I am tempted to say. Just finished a draft.

First thing in the morning take the car to the garage for a service. Send off comments on poems submitted to The Guardian. Then an interview with the regional paper, the Eastern Daily Press, followed by a photographer from the paper. Journalist himself a poet, very good young man. How young is he now? Everyone, as they say, is young.

External examining all afternoon again - finished - then to fetch the car (costs a cool £445) and back to the Cambridge talk.

Domain 2 will be done tomorrow. I have also put up a new, very old photograph on Facebook. Self at about four in leather coat and hat, looking entirely otherworldly.

The world? Turning cold.

In the meantime, hold the presses. Boris Johnson talks sense on immigration. Blimey, as someone might say. Cripes.

Also, stop press, one cat shits in bathroom. Don't know which. Why can't we just have a bear and live in the woods?


Michelle said...

Please consider putting up 'The Slant Door and where it Leads'. I'd love to read it.

George S said...

Still re-writing it at 5am this morning, Michelle. Once it's done I could put a link up to it. It's about a dozen pages.

Michelle said...

Yes, that would be great, Mr Spy. Have a lovely Saturday.

Gwil W said...

Great idea Michelle. That would fantastic.

We will witness how it goes with the immigrants in various countries when the dogs of recession are loosed. It starts for many this coming winter without wages.
Obama has a 2 year plan. Anybody else have one?