Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Frivolity, fribble and procrastination: death by clerihew 1

G K Chesterton who illustrated Edmund Clerihew Bentley's clerihews.

I tend to write better under time pressure, but sometimes there is just too much pressure, as in the last few weeks, (or is it eternity?) However, such time generates an equal and opposite frivolity which has been squeezing itself into clerihews recently. This is a matter of Facebook sprints, getting in, writing a clerihew, then returning to see if others have responded - there are some excellent responses - then writinng some in return. It started here, with this nonsense.

Delia Smith
Has been revealed to be a myth,
Which is rather a pity
For Norwich City.

Moved to politics:

Angela Merkel
Has joined the Magic Circle.
Having made the Greeks vanish
She has started on the Italians, the Irish and the Spanish.

Then there was a series of exchanges with the lightfooted Andy Jackson, based on the discovery of the superfast neutrino:

So Andy:
Albert Einstein
Said 'this is a fine time
To tell me that it's possible for something to travel faster than light.
I bid you goodnight'.

Isaac Newton
Replied: That's a cute one,
and is bound to keep them busy.
One up to Izzy!

Steven Hawking
Said 'it's got everyone talking
But they'll soon get weary
Of Al's theory.'

Declared Game Over
Let There Be Light!
Good Night!

Though it odd
That there were so many articles
About indefinite particles.

The Son
Said no-one
But me
Is worth the definite particle 'the'.

The holy ghost
Doesn't like to boast
When he goes to Mass
He's a gas!

Said 'My way
Tends to be mercurial
Hence my angels Gabriel, Raphael and Muriel.

Was a believer
But Brahma
Was calmer.

It was getting rather theological. At this point I started one with Allah, thought better of it and went to bed.

There were other very nice ones but a clerihew duel, leading to death by clerihew seems an appropriately absurd end.

Some more tomorrow.


Andy Jackson said...

Thanks for blogging about the Clerihew duel - it's always great fun to observe these exchanges, but to be part of it is a particular thrill!

Gwil W said...

John Surtees
Flew around Oulton Park
Fell off his bike when hit by the lark

Yes George I was there when your namesake took a tumble powering out of Esso Bend on his Norton (or whatever it was) - I can't honestly say if there was a bird involved.

Keep you pecjer up!