Sunday, 25 September 2011

Sunday Night is...The Neutrinos

Norwich band, recorded live here in Norwich (not by me), The Neutrinos is, among other things, the band of Jon Baker, who, together with Sian Croose, directs The Voice Project that performed The Proportions of the Temple in the cathedral in May. I wrote about it here soon after. And also here and here as well as here.


Diane said...

Dearest George, I must, must add to your story of the Neutrinos the name of the lead singer, Karen Reilly. Not only is she the core of the band's success but she has also written most of their songs and, indeed, is the glue that holds the Neutrinos together. Her partner Jon Baker is the musical wizard of the group.

Be prepared -- Karen has produced an Art Book of astonishing complexity and international range. At the moment, the work is the focus of upcoming to follow in due course (but NY, Berlin, etc).

George S said...

Thank you, Diane. I couldn't think of Karen's other name. Sounds exciting.