Saturday, 17 September 2011

Wymondham Words: Sunday morning

With Great Pleasure, Summoning the Creatures: George Szirtes and Andy Kirkham: 10:45-11:45 Arts Centre
Animals versed, written and musicked in a light meditation

George Szirtes (Accordionist', Best Poems on the Underground, read by Tara Fitzgerald)

Andy Kirkham

Mouse's Nest

I found a ball of grass among the hay
And progged it as I passed and went away;
And when I looked I fancied something stirred,
And turned again and hoped to catch the bird—
When out an old mouse bolted in the wheats
With all her young ones hanging at her teats;
She looked so odd and so grotesque to me,
I ran and wondered what the thing could be,
And pushed the knapweed bunches where I stood;
Then the mouse hurried from the craking brood.
The young ones squeaked, and as I went away
She found her nest again among the hay.
The water o'er the pebbles scarce could run
And broad old cesspools glittered in the sun.

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